Business Incubator is a subdivision of the OJSC “Technopark of St. Petersburg” with one operating area in the city of total 1,644 sq.m.

Business Incubator is a special facility designed to assist businesses to become established and sustainable during their start-up phase. It aims to give an opportunity for entrepreneurs to realize their ambitions and enter the market with a competitive product.

Business Incubator Team


Igor Rozhdesvenskiy
Ingria Business Incubator CEO


Pavel Belov
Advisor on special programs


Evgeniya Barchenko
Chieh project Consultant


Mikhail Kruchinin
Ingria Business Incubator Mentor


Sergey Dutov
Investment Preparation Consultant


Alena Samoletova
Project Consultant

Elena Gavrilova
Project Consultant


Nina Kuzmina
Deputy Director of the business incubator on operating activities

Elena Savinskaya
Manager on work with projects


Natalya Vaseneva
Account Manager


Eugeniya Bzhizkaya
Account Manager



Andrey Tarshin
Head of marketing department

Dmitry Klenov
Public Relations

Kseniya Golubeva
Event Coordinator

Galina Vodopyanova


Anna Borisova
Business Analytics


Olga Yelaxina
Manager on administrative issues


Oksana Ivanova


Anastasia Fedotova