The Technology Transfer Center (TTC) is a program to form business relationships between start-ups and large client companies.


Goals of the TTC

- Transferring technology between representative of innovative small and medium businesses and large companies that are introducing innovations, and within the industrial sector

- Searching for partners for cooperation and the development and introduction of new innovative technologies; for example, attracting co-investors, searching for talent through the I2U program, and establishing connections with other companies that are participating in the TTC.



- large companies with demand for innovative developments or the commercialization of their own developments to make them more competitive (telecommunications companies, financial institutions, industrial corporations, etc.)

- innovative small and medium companies (start-ups) interested in searching for partners in the commercialization of the development or launching innovative joint projects.


The program includes the following services:

- Identifying demand for technologies and developments among large companies

- Identifying technological developments suitable for commercialization/technological audit (evaluation of their scientific, technical and innovation potential for national and international transfer, recommendations, plan of action)

- Searching for partners for scientific and technical collaboration, establishing contacts and reaching partnership agreements

- Organizing and conducting meetings between potential partners

- Facilitating direct contact with potential partners and holding negotiations

- Mapping scientific and technical skills (creating a list of companies or teams with necessary skills)

- Technological screening (searching for necessary skills)


Main forms of interaction:

For partner companies:

- participation in TTC events to become familiar with innovative developments (investment sessions, presentation session, individual meetings)

- access to the “funnel” and/or specific projects by request (information on projects, organizing meetings, direct email)

- promoting companies through Ingria’s information resources (website, social media, direct news and the Ingria Informational Bulletin)


For start-ups and representatives of innovative small and medium business:

- participation in TTC events to promote their developments (presentation sessions, individual meetings)

- presenting information about their developments to TTC partners

- assistance in preparing marketing materials (presenting drafts of pitch documents for expert analysis and assistance in preparing them)

-participation in educational programs to increase marketing, presentation and sales skills


Participation in the TTC

- Send a message with “Technology Transfer Center” in the subject line to e.gavrilova@ingria-park.ru.

- In your letter, indicate which kind of company you represent (start-up/large company, name) and your contact information. We will contact you and answer all of your questions.

- For residents of the business incubator, access to the Technology Transfer Center is included in the list of services provided and becomes available after the project undergoes its technological audit.