Digital model for value proposition

Digital model for value proposition explores the relations between the requirements of different categories of consumers,  the product’s characteristics, the company’s capability to introduce it’s product to target markets and appropriate financing plan. Digital model studies for eliminating market, technological and financial risks by choosing the product within promising market area, determining technology for project execution and creating a realistic financial plan.


  • Balancing technical characteristics and market opportunities for fitting value proposition for local and global markets.
  • Technology and equipment review for launching new product and service production.
  • Identifying human resources competences for new product and service manufacturing.
  • Identifying investment needs and financial sources for launching new business.



  • New role of R&D and marketing/sales for enhancement of new product launch.
  • Value proposition design for different categories of consumers.
  • «Customer – supplier» chain design for new product and service.



System design of sales department: «sales»-«marketing»-«R&D»

New product launch: From innovative idea to value proposition

New product and services  sales support: financing the company’s development plan



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