Prototyping Centre (PC) is a convenient platform for start-ups and other SME companies to create prototypes of their products.

Prototyping Centre specialists:

  • will help to create the prototype of your product;
  • will show how to use specialized equipment and software;
  • will help to create the first batch of the product;
  • will provide a comfortable working/training zone.

Areas of PC activities:

  • additive prototyping,
  • solid-state modeling,
  • prototyping of automation,
  • virtual reality (VR).



The official site of the Prototyping Centre: www.prototype-spb.ru



  • Sergey Varlamov, PC Director, mobile: +7 (911) 146 33 00; e-mail: prototype-spb@ingria-park.ru
  • Address: 3-5 Medikov Ave., Block A, St. Petersburg (5 minutes from the Petrogradskaya subway station).


To prepare an order, please fill in the application form below. Then an employee of the Center will contact you. 

Ingria Business Incubator residents and cluster (SME) participants supervised by St. Petersburg Cluster Development Center will receive a discount up to 30 % of the basic price!


Equipment of Ingria Prototyping






3D Printer FormLabs Form 1+

  • Layer thickness: 25 microns;
  • Printing technology: SLA;
  • Printable area 125 х 125 х 165 mm;
  • Printing material: Clear\Grey\White\Black Resin.


3D Printer PRISM PRO 

  • Layer thickness: 30 to 300 microns;
  • Printing technology: FDM\FFF;
  • Printable area [LWD]: 400 х 400 х 800 mm;
  • Printing material: PLA, ABS, HIPS, Flex.


3D Printer Picaso Designer PRO 250 

  • Layer thickness: 50 microns;
  • Printing technology: FFF;
  • Printable area 200 х 200 х 210 mm;
  • Printing material: PLA, ABS, Elastic, Nylon, ASA, ABS/PC, PET, PC.


Up! Box 

  • layer thickness: 100 µkm;
  • printing technology: MEM/FDM;
  • printable area: 250 × 200 × 200 mm;
  • printing material: PLA, ABS, Nylon, HIPS.


MakerBot Replicator 2X 

  • layer thickness: 100 µkm;
  • printing technology: FDM;
  • printable area: 245 × 150 × 155 mm;
  • printing material: ABS.








Range Vision Smart

  • scanning method: structured lighting;
  • light source: LEDs;
  • number of cameras: 2;
  • scanning time: 13 s;
  • model calculation time: 9 s;
  • scanning volume:
    • 1st area: 500 x 375 x 375 mm;
    • 2nd area: 300 x 225 x 225 mm;
    • 3rd area: 150 x 112 x 112 mm;
  • resolution of cameras: 1.3 MP;
  • resolution: 0.12 mm to 0.4 mm (depending on the scanning area).

  Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate 2016 Commercial New NLM JE
  • Full-featured 3D-toolkits;
  • Intuitive digital sculptural drawing;
  • Non-linear real-time animation creation and virtual production;
  • High-quality texture baking;
  • Preparation of conceptual design sketches;
  • Simplified interaction;
  • Real-time support for Ragdoll-animation
  • Support of the work with external links;
  • Motion Capture technology support.
  Autodesk Inventor Professional 2016 Commercial New NLM RU
  • Creation of a free-form model;
  • Engineering and project performance;
  • Real-time use of collaborative tools;
  • Library of 2D/3D-components for insertion of 3D parts of electrical circuits;
  • Creation of models combining a free form with parametric operating processes;
  • Direct editing of internal or imported geometry;
  • Free access to workbooks;
  • Machine-building 3D-designing, modeling of 3D parts and designing of 3D assemblies;
  • Support of the work with big assemblies, acceleration of file opening, simplified process of components assembly;
  • Designing of electrical, pipeline and mechanical components;
  • Designing of parts made of sheet metal and plastic;
  • Designing and automation based on rules, optimization of cable network projects;
  • Automation of transfer mold designing;
  • Automation of drawing and issuing of work documentation, integral support of DWG files.











Oscilloscope Agilent 54832D

Number of channels:

  • Number of analog channels: 4;
  • Number of logic channels: 16.

Characteristics of bandpass and sampling:

  • Bandpass: 1 GHz;
  • Sampling frequency: 4, 2 GHz.

Characteristics of memory and measuring systems, impedance, scanning:

  • Screen refresh rate: 8,000 images per second;
  • Gain ration, impedance: 1 MOhm 2 mV/del – 2 V/del, error limit ±1 %, 50 Ohm 2 mV/del – 1 V/del, error limit ±1.5 %;
  • Time scanning 100 ps/del – 20 s/del, error limit ±0.01 %;
  • Vertical resolution 8 bit, 12 bit upon averaging-out;
  • MegaZoom mode provides for a pickup of long non-repeated signals and supports a high sampling rate;
  • 27 types of automatic and marking measurements;
  • Scanning modes: automatic scanning, scanning on start, one-time scanning;
  • Start-up types: drop, impulse noise, code word, condition, time delay, event delay, fault (degenerate impulse, time of setting/maintaining, impulse duration, transition), video signal, network.

Signal processing characteristics:

  • Mathematical processing of signals, including FFT;
  • Tests using masks, statistics, bar charts.


Microcontroller Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Arduino Uno
Intel Galileo Gen 2 

  • 14 digital inputs/outputs;
  • 6 analog outputs;
  • Quartz generator 16 MHz;
  • USB connector;
  • Power connector;
  • ICSP connector (on-board programming);
  • Reset button.




LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 45560 resource set, version for education

  • Type of parts: LEGO Technic;
  • Compatibility: LEGO Mindstorms EV3;
  • Number of parts: 853 pcs;
  • Package size: 450 × 350 × 200 mm.


Robotics kit HUNA CLASS 3

The kit consists of at least 667 parts, including:

  • 2 motherboards;
  • 1 case for 6 V batteries;
  • 1 case for 9 V batteries;
  • 1 boot block;
  • 1 4R cable;
  • 1 USB cord;
  • 3 IR sensors.



  • ROBOTRACK is the first Russian robotics erector sets of the new generation meeting FSES requirements for educational robotics; the new line of erector sets allows continuity of education and is designed to nurture the scientific and engineering thinking of students.
  • The basis for Robotrack erector sets is the Trackduino micro controller (compatible with Arduino).



Composition of the sets:

  • Sound sensor;
  • Potentiometer;
  • Light sensor;
  • Connectors for additional analog sensors (A and B resistance);
  • Button;
  • Four buttons.

Set can be extended with the following elements:

  • Dynamic;
  • Digital input for external device;
  • Three LEDs at individual digital outputs;
  • Eight LEDs with a matrix control.










Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2

Optic characteristics:

  • Display resolution: 960 x 1,080 for each eye;
  • Refresh rate: 75 Hz, 72 Hz, 60 Hz;
  • Viewing angle: 100 degrees;
  • Interface: HDMI 1.4b, USB 2.0, USB Host 2.0.

General characteristics:

  • Weight: 440 g;
  • Integral inertial tracking system: yes;
  • Gyro sensor: yes;
  • Accelerometer: yes;
  • Magnetometer: yes.

Tracking system characteristics:

  • Inertial tracking system refresh rate: 1,000 Hz;
  •  Optic tracking system for determination of user’s head position: yes;
  • Optic tracking system refresh rate: 60 Hz.



Microsoft Xbox 360 game console (with Kinect)

Resolution characteristics:

  • High definition support: HD (High Definition).

Memory characteristics:

  • Embedded memory capacity on a flash drive: 4 Gb;
  • Availability of additional compatible HDD of 500 Gb capacity.

Performance characteristics:

  • Number of GPU cores: 3;
  • System performance during calculations with a floating point: 1 teraflop.

RAM memory characteristics:

  • Capacity: 512 Mb;
  • Frequency: 700 MHz;
  • Type: GDDR3.

VRAM memory characteristics:

  • Capacity: 10 Mb;
  • Type: eDRAM.

Other characteristics:

  • Connectors: AV-output, HDMI, USB;
  • Wi-Fi support: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n;
  • Data storage media support: DVD, DVD R, DVD RW, CD, CD-R, CD-RW;
  • Video/audio formats support: WMA, MP3, JPEG;
  • Compatible non-contact game sensor.








Unity Pro 5.x

  • development of 3D game applications for Windows and Mac OS operating systems, mobile and web platforms and game consoles;
  • physically correct shader system;
  • real-time global lighting;
  • real-time preview of light maps;
  • audio system with a mixer allowing creation of dynamic sound landscapes and effects;
  • WebGL support for creation of interactive capabilities without the need to install plug-in in supported modern browsers;
  • access to the crossbar advertising network allowing for mobile app developers to include full-screen commercial spots in their games and share ad slots with other developers in order to receive a return from half a billion of free installed games.


Mobile devices

  • Apple iPad Air 2;
  • Apple iPhone 6;
  • Smartphone LG G4;
  • Laptop tablet ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300CL;
  • Nokia MICROSOFT 640;
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro-13;
  • Aspire Switch 10 E.



Work on 3D printers 

  • PrismPro
  • MakerBot Replicator 2X
  • Up Box
  • Picaso 3D Designer Pro 250
  • FORMlabs FORM 1+


3D scanning

  • Scanning of simple shapes;
  • Scanning of complex shapes.


Commercial design

  • Designer services;
  • Development of engineering solid models by drawings and sketches;
  • Development of artistic 3D models by photos, artwork and sketches.


Prototyping of devices and applications

  • Measuring, debugging and modeling of electronic circuitry.
  • Creation of a prototype using MS Xbox, MS Kinect equipment.
  • Creation of mobile applications using equipment (tablet computers, smartphones, augmented reality goggles, augmented reality helmet).
  • Creation of a prototype using automation, robotics, telemetry equipment.
  • Creation of a prototype of applications, AR\VR (augmented reality).


Technology-oriented educational events


Briefings (with an access to equipment)

  • Briefing on the use of 3D printers;
  • Briefing on the work with Licensed CAD/CAM/CAE Software;
  • Briefing on 3D scanning;
  • Briefing on educational robotics;
  • Briefing on prototyping of mobile applications;
  • Briefing on prototyping of virtual reality;
  • Briefing on prototyping of automation;
  • Briefing on prototyping of robotics;
  • Briefing on prototyping of telemetry;
  • Briefing on the work with Licensed Software.


Courses (with an access to equipment)  

  • Course on additive technologies; 
  • Course on 3D modeling; 
  • Course on 3D scanning; 
  • Course on educational robotics; 
  • Course on prototyping of mobile applications; 
  • Course on prototyping of virtual reality;
  • Course on prototyping of automation;
  • Course on prototyping of robotics;
  • Course on prototyping of telemetry;
  • Courses on the work with Licensed software.