St. Petersburg educational gaming app publisher FlexyMind secures Series A funding round

Last month St. Petersburg startup FlexyMind closed its second round of funding with an investment from RWM Capital, a Russian fund management firm, for further development of its educational gaming apps for mobile devices, reported Marchmont News. Neither the amount of the transaction nor the startup’s valuation were disclosed.

Near-term plans for the young company include an extension of its innovative line of educational apps for Android- and iOS-powered gadgets, distributed on a freemium basis.

When FlexyMind was founded in 2011, there were practically no Russian-language Android mobile apps to teach children. The startup has filled the gap with more than 1.1 million downloads so far.

In 2012, after joining the St. Petersburg business incubator Ingria, FlexyMind received a seed-stage capital injection from Altair, the seed-stage fund of serial investor Igor Ryabenkiy.