Innovative Arctic


Advanced technology and innovative solutions must give a new breath to the Arctic region. 

Apply to participate in “Innovative Arctic” and win the real opportunity to mark a turning point for the area of 9 million square kilometers and 2.5 million residents. Innovative Arctic is an international competition for innovative projects which is held within the Interregional Forum "Innovations in small arctic cities" that will determine the best technology, materials and products to use in industry, housing and social life of Arctic cities.

This event is organized by the Regional Innovation and Technology Center “Start” (Gubkinskiy, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District) and Business Incubator “Ingria” (St. Petersburg). “Innovative Arctic” is looking for projects from following areas:


  • - Technologies for efficient energy production and conversion of for fossil fuels
  • - Technologies for environment monitoring and forecasting, pollution preventing and eliminating
  • - Technologies for the prevention and elimination of natural and man-induced emergencies
  • - Technologies related to new and renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and energy saving


  • - new technologies for energy saving and renewable energy
  • - products of natural gas processing
  • - processing technologies for quartz sand, clay, peat and other local materials
  • - water treatment technologies
  • - new technologies for sorting and recycling of domestic and industrial waste


  • - Technologies related to mineral exploration, earth-resource survey, mining activity, mineral production and transportation
  • - Technologies for different means of transportation
  • - Technologies in the agricultural sector
  • - Technologies for structural engineering


  • - new road building techniques (including those for permafrost conditions)
  • - new technologies for structural engineering for extreme climatic zones
  • - technological solutions for oil and gas industry
  • - small-scale energy improving the quality of life of small peoples of the North


  • - Medical and veterinary biotechnologies
  • - Technologies for preventing of socially significant diseases 
  • - Including technologies of restoration of tundra ecosystems


  • Nano-, bio-, information, cognitive technologies
  • - Technologies tourism

Participants of ”Innovative Arctic” should be small innovative companies - developers and manufacturers of innovative products; enterprises – residents of technoparks or innovation and technology centers; small innovative enterprises of institutions of higher education; enterprises included in the register of innovation activity of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District; business teams from Russia and abroad, presenting innovative developments for the Arctic regions.

The prize fund of the contest:

  • I place: 300 thousand rubles.
  • II place: 200 thousand rubles.
  • III place: 100 thousand rubles.

Why to participate:

Igor Rozhdestvenskiy, Director of Business incubator "Ingria":

"Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, in general, needs modern technologies – they are waiting for innovative solutions in power engineering and mining, waste processing, production of goods from local raw materials, in everyday life. At the moment there already is cheap energy and good logistics - what you need for the development of technological entrepreneurship.
Innovation and Technology Center “Start” is a unique place to examine new technology solutions whose strength will be tested in the harsh conditions of the Arctic, then certified and implemented throughout the entire area of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. The region is waiting for entrepreneurs from all over Russia, and also from other countries, for which the Arctic - not just an abstract geographical concept, but a place where you can live and work."

Please note that Innovation and Technology Center “Start” considers possibility of implementation of projects-participants on the territory of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District:

- Innovation and Technology Center “Start” accumulates information about opportunities existing in the region for financial support of entrepreneurship and contributes to obtaining of grants and subsidies to start business in YNAD
- Helps with writing of a business plan if needed
- Innovation and Technology Center “Start” is a partner of the Department of Innovation and Science, Department of Economics of YNAD and Union of Entrepreneurs of Gubkinskiy
- In addition, Innovation and Technology Center “Start” can introduce if necessary winners with such companies as PURNEFTEGAZ, PURGAZ (a subsidiary of Gazprom), SIBUR and other companies from different fields
- Provides both with offices and production areas
- Gives opportunity to participate in lease-program of Innovation and Technology Center “Start” on concessionary terms (7%)
- Possible financial participation of Innovation and Technology Center “Start” in the project

Moreover please note that 7 semifinalists will participate in full-time Interregional Forum "Innovations in small arctic cities» http://gubforum89.ru/

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