Cluster Development Center of St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg CDC) was launched at the site of "St. Petersburg Technopark" OJSC in November 2014

St. Petersburg CDC project is being implemented with direct support of the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of St. Petersburg, and is aimed at ensuring effective cooperation between enterprises, including small and medium-sized businesses, educational and scientific institutions, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, public authorities and local government bodies of St. Petersburg, and investors in the development of innovative regional industrial clusters in St. Petersburg.

CDC St. Petersburg is being created as part of a new urban innovation infrastructure, formed on the basis of municipal development project - "St. Petersburg Technopark" OJSC.

Olga Samovarova, PhD in Economics was appointed as the director of CDC St. Petersburg.

The mission of CDC St. Petersburg is the formation of regional centers of competitiveness of Russian industry in St. Petersburg. The main objectives of CDC St. Petersburg include coordination, support and development of cluster initiatives of St. Petersburg, including methodical, organizational, expert-analytical and informational support for St. Petersburg clusters, creation of conditions to identify needs and organize effective interaction of the organizations participating in the cluster, rendering them comprehensive assistance in the course of launch and implementation of cluster projects, creating innovation infrastructure facilities, representing the interests of clusters in the government, and organization of effective interaction.

Today there are about 40 clusters with 500 participants in St. Petersburg, at various lifecycle stages - from pure idea to well-developed cluster business model getting financial and organizational support from the government. According to the results of the competition of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, today’s most structured innovative territorial clusters received such support, including Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Radiation Technologies Cluster of St. Petersburg and IT, Electronics, Instrumentation, Information and Telecommunications Development Cluster of St. Petersburg, whose development programs in St. Petersburg were approved by public authorities.

CDC St. Petersburg will focus its activities on three main areas:

• Rendering financial and institutional support to cluster projects, holding events and development projects for pilot innovative regional clusters within the framework of federal and regional support programs;

• Rendering financial and institutional support to cluster projects, holding events and development projects for other clusters and cluster initiatives of St. Petersburg;

• Promoting economic clustering in St. Petersburg industry.

Currently, CDC St. Petersburg is preparing working program which will be presented to the business community and stakeholders on December 12, 2014 on the pilot conference of CDC SpB dedicated to discussion of a comprehensive support system and conditions for the successful development of industrial clusters in St. Petersburg.