St. Petersburg Cluster Development Centre (CDC) was established in November 2014 as a functional area of St. Petersburg Technopark OJSC.

CDC Objectives

CDC of St. Petersburg performs the functions of a specialized organization aimed at:

  • Creating conditions for the formation and development of territorial clusters, promoting the coordination of projects by participants in territorial clusters, and the creation of regional poles for the competitiveness of Russian industry in St. Petersburg.
  • Methodological, organizational, expert, analytical and informational support for the development of pilot innovative territorial clusters:
    • “Development of Information Technology, Radio Electronics, Tool Engineering, Communication Facilities, Information and Telecommunications in St. Petersburg”
    • “Cluster of Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry, Radiation Technologies”
  • Ensuring effective interaction among participating organizations, educational and scientific institutions, non-profit and public organizations, public authorities, local self-government authorities and investors for the development of pilot innovative territorial clusters and promoting the implementation of their development projects.


Main Tasks

To create the conditions for effective cooperation among small and medium-sized businesses, educational and scientific institutions, non-profit and public organizations, public authorities and investors for the implementation of joint cluster projects in St. Petersburg,

  • To arouse the interest of St. Petersburg enterprises and organizations in the new form of their production and economic relations;
  • To demonstrate the possibility of successful clustering via specific examples;
  • To represent the interests of clusters under interaction with government authorities;
  • To represent the interests of government authorities under interaction with clusters;
  • To search for competitive ideas and suggestions for cluster projects;
  • To find resources and partners for the creation and development of clusters in St. Petersburg;
  • To accompany the development of clusters (to grow clusters).



The development targets at which CDC activities are aimed, are:

  • Pilot innovative territorial clusters;
  • Territorial clusters and cluster initiatives;
  • Cluster environment of St. Petersburg in general.


St. Petersburg Cluster Development Centre (CDC) ystematically implements a set of measures aimed at the identification of promising cluster initiatives. At present, the CCD coordinates the activities of 8 territorial St. Petersburg clusters:





 St. Petersburg Cluster for the
“Development of Information Technologies,
Radioelectronics, Instrumentation, Communications
and Telecommunications”





Cluster of the Pharmaceutical
and Medical Industries,
Radiation Technologies



Territorial Industrial-Innovation Cluster
“St. Petersburg Composite Cluster”







Transport Machine-Building
Cluster “Subway and Railway Equipment”



Cluster of the St. Petersburg
Tool-Making Industry


“Clean Technologies
for the Urban Environment” Cluster


High Technologies
and Engineering Cluster


Cluster of Innovation
Development in Power
Engineering and Industry




  1. Art Cluster
  2. Consumer Goods Cluster
  3. Northern-West Arctic innovation Cluster
  4. Agro-Industrial Cluster «Northwest Agropolis»
  5. Innovative territorial Jewelry Cluster
  6. Hi-tech and Engineering Cluster
  7. Energy and Industry Innovations Cluster
  8. Laser technologies and equipment Cluster
  9. Automotive Cluster
  1. Exhibition Cluster
  2. Transport and logistics Cluster
  3. Shipbuilding Cluster
  4. «Infocommunication and Optical Technologies in Art and Culture» Cluster
  5. Water collection and water disposal Cluster
  6. Polymer Cluster
  7. «Koltovskaya Sloboda» Cluster
  8. Innovative-technological cluster of energy saving in Housing Services and Industry
  9. Innovative Nutrition Cluster
  10. Digital Cluster

Ingria Business Incubator also operates within the structure of St. Petersburg Technopark OJSC, working closely with CDC in terms of startup development within the clusters.